The formation of dynamic order always needs to achieve a certain degree of balance, which is true for all things in the universe.

For stars like the sun, their high energy and mass brings high temperature, high pressure, and high density, which destroys all complex structures and order. But in the nebula, as the material is too loose, it can not form any complex structure and order, too. Both of these extreme environments can't emerge life. High-level dynamic order things such as life can only be formed on planets like the Earth.

The same is true for human society, we also need to maintain various balance:

  • The balance between order and freedom;
  • The balance between centralization and distribution;
  • The balance between equity and efficiency;
  • The balance between rights and obligations;
  • The balance between humanity and reason;
  • The balance between privacy and information openness;
  • The balance between social pressure and freedom;
  • The balance between work and life;
  • The Balance between reality and virtuality.

There is various other balance that is not listed, but as long as we adhere to the pursuit of balance , and do not go to extremes, then we can handle all kinds of problems well.