The Spread of Disorder

Some disorder and chaos need to be dealt with in time, otherwise they may spread to the orderly part.

For example, human body's local infection may spread into a systemic infection; and the chaos in one country may spread to chaos in the entire region or even the whole world.

Environmental Influence

If the disorder of certain groups or individuals is caused by their external environment, we should focus on the problems of the whole external environment, rather than the groups or individuals who have the problem. The environment described here is generalized, and also includes institutional factors. Common examples are:

  • If people's living environment causes certain diseases, only the elimination of pathogenic factors (viruses, germs, allergens, and so on) in the environment can restore the people's health.
  • If a certain community environment is more likely to occur criminal behavior, we should first consider how to transform the whole community environment.
  • If some job positions are more likely to generate corruption, we should first consider whether they have too much power, whether their power is not constrained, and whether their information is not open enough.

For such problems, if the defects of the external environment or system can not be fundamentally solved, these problems will still occur repeatedly. Therefore, the defects of the environment or system themselves must be solved, so as to reestablish order.