What is the meaning of Dynamic Order? Why do we need a new universal value standard and value system?

In the near future, the development of science and technology will solve lots of social problems, and at the same time it will cause a series of new social problems, the following are several most important problems:

What should we do when we don't need to work, solve most social problems, and can control own desires and emotions?

Artificial intelligence (AI) will replace humans in most fields of work. This brings freedom to human beings, but most humans will lose traditional jobs. We are expected to fully control our brains and bodies, and resolve most of the psychological and physiological problems, transforming our bodies as our wish. Especially the control of the brain will enable us to adjust and control our emotions and desires, and after getting rid of the control of desire and instinct, we need to redefine our life pursuit. More simply: if we will feel happy when we do anything, what should we do? Further, what is the significance of human existence in the future?

This will be one of the most important problems of human beings in the future. All of our life pursuits and behavioral motives are rooted in the desires and emotions generated by the brain. And in the future, the advancement of medical science and technology will allow us to change our genes and brain nerves, or directly control our desires and emotions. For example, we can reduce our desire for emotion, power, money and sex, to avoid worrying about these things, and don't need to pursue them in real life. However, will this lead to less and less people's desires, and thus stop the progress of human society? If we really want to adjust our desires, then what kind of desire is appropriate? If most people adjust their desires to the so-called best model, will the diversity of human society be completely lost? Numerous problems will arise, so we need a higher level pursuit.

The existing desires of human beings are mainly to serve the survival and reproduction. If we liken the development of human society as an endless journey, survival and reproduction are the only way in the past. We have no choice but to take this way, people or groups who did not follow this way or who did not go well were eliminated. However, with the continuous improvement of social productivity, especially the development of artificial intelligence technology, everyone in the future will have a good guarantee of survival, and future medical advances will greatly prolong human life, the goal of "fighting for survival and reproduction" will not exist, and all the dissatisfactions of desires can be easily solved by adjusting the state of the brain. We reach a wide plain, which looks the same on all directions, it seems that we can go in either direction, but it seems that all directions are meaningless, and we may lose our direction. At this time, we should not confine ourselves to human beings alone, but to see the development trend of the whole universe from a higher perspective, only then can we discover that we only arrive at a highland, and there are still countless peaks waiting for us to climb in the distance.

How to deal with the impact of super long life on human society?

Anti-aging technology will greatly increase human life, and even theoretically achieve immortality. This causes the whole society needs to be adjusted, and may also undermine people's belief in traditional religions.

How to deal with the relationship between virtual worlds and the real world?

Virtual worlds can fulfill all our desires, many people may prefer to live in virtual worlds completely, and give up the life of real world. People can realize any desire in virtual worlds, which is a huge advantage of virtual worlds. Especially when people are dissatisfied with the real world, they are easily attracted by virtual worlds. People need to truly understand the advantages and disadvantages of virtual worlds, and make reasonable use of virtual worlds.

How to repair the division of human beliefs?

From the past to the present, the division and opposition of human beliefs have always been one of the most central issues in the world. From the conflicts between various religions and atheism, to the ideological struggle between communism and capitalism, people with different beliefs always despise each other and quarrel constantly. In many countries, the basic social consensus has also shown signs of gradual disintegration.

How should human beings live in harmony with other intelligent creatures?

Until now, we humans are the only advanced intelligent creatures on earth. But in the near future, we may see the birth of artificial general intelligence and intelligence enhanced animals. Some genetically modified humans will have reproductive isolation from traditional humans, which means human beings divided into different species from the biological perspective. In the future when humans begin to explore the universe, we may even need to co-exist with alien creatures. For these new partners, the existing moral and ethical systems of human beings are difficult to apply. We need a new theory that go beyond human beings to accommodate all of them, so as to prevent the future world from falling into divisions, and ensure the survival of human beings.

All these changes will lead to severe turbulence in human society, if humans cannot reach a consensus on the direction of future development, the human society will bound to fall into division and chaos. And many people may feel confused and even doubt the meaning of their own existence. The definition of existing universal value standards is too vague, and there are no specific principles to guide people's daily life, so it is difficult to solve the above problems. Therefore, we need new value system to help people to deal with these problems.

Dynamic Order is such a universal value standard for the future. It has a clear mathematical meaning and provides a clear direction for the future of mankind. Dorderism is the corresponding value system, it is based on a minimalist core principle—pursuing Dynamic Order, deduces results that are generally consistent with traditional universal values, and provides a set of concrete principles for thinking and behavior to guide people's social activities. Its main features are:

  • Everything is centered on the pursuit of dynamic order, and its ideas are concise and consistent.
  • All ideas are based solely on science and common sense, easy to understand, and easy to spread. Its content only involves a few common-sense scientific knowledge, which can be understood by general public, and can be easily promoted and spread to general public to form social consensuses.
  • Does not pursue a specific ultimate social form, does not contain too much detail, and rarely involves specific problems. This makes it compatible with all mainstream beliefs and cultures in the world, and can be used as a non-exclusive belief for human beings. Its minimalist nature makes it possible to form a minimum consensus under the various beliefs.
  • Beyond the human perspective, and it will not limit the future development of human society. Applies to all intelligent creatures, not just human beings; applies to the whole universe, not just the human world; applies to virtual worlds, not just the real world.

Therefore, Dorderism can help humans to alleviate or even solve the social problems mentioned earlier. In addition, Dorderism may also help to solve the following social problems:

  • A belief for atheists. Atheists are still embarrassed in many countries with religious traditions. They are even dismissed as non-believers by religious believers. Dorderism provides them with a concise option.

  • Eliminate people's mystical views of the world and the universe. Dorderism implies the idea that the world is complex but not mysterious. The idea of Dynamic Order can help to eliminate people's unknown and mysterious mentality toward the world and the universe.

  • Solve some thorny social problems. Human beings have not been able to solve certain social problems, such as environmental protection, animal rights, and so on. Traditional religions and ideologies pay little attention to these problems, but Dorderism has more direct conclusions on these problems. If Dorderism can be widely accepted, such problems can be better resolved.

  • Increase people's wisdom and eliminate people's prejudices. Traditional religions and ideologies pay less attention to enhancing the wisdom of the people. Dorderism clearly encourages people to learn and think, which helps to increase people's wisdom and eliminate people's prejudices.

  • Break the shackles of traditional morality and political correctness. Dorderism only considers social development and pursues dynamic order. While respecting traditions, it is not bound by traditional morality and political correctness.

Why Dynamic Order

Why should we choose to pursue Dynamic Order as the goal?

Our universe is constantly developing towards a more chaotic state. To maintain life and intelligence, it needs dynamic order to oppose chaos and disorder in the universe, and life and intelligence themselves are high-level dynamic order, so intelligent creatures must pursue dynamic order in a certain extent. The paradox behind this is that if an intelligent creature wants to undermine the dynamic order, then it should destroy itself.

The existence and reproduction of intelligent creatures are in line with the pursuit of dynamic order. From birth to adulthood, the growth process of human beings is the process of increasing dynamic order. Obviously the amount of information needed to simulate an adult in virtual worlds is much larger than that of simulate a baby. In adulthood, as long as one person's behavior is to make herself/himself more powerful and wiser, and get more information, it is also increasing her/his own dynamic order. The desire for survival of living things is essentially to maintain their own dynamic order not to be destroyed. Therefore, we humans are born to pursue dynamic order, human beings who do not pursue dynamic order have been eliminated in the past long history.

In real life, people usually have their own value system, and these value systems may not seem to have much connection with dynamic order on the surface, such as the pursuit of happiness for themselves and their loved ones, but after in-depth analysis, we will find that these value systems are usually more or less imply the pursuit of dynamic order.

Why not use concepts like "love", "goodness", "freedom", "fairness" and so on as our goal?

If we can temporarily forget human language and think visually the development process of the universe, we can only see that countless particles are constantly producing simple substances, and these simple substances are constantly emerging and evolving higher level things such as life and intelligence. The process is so grand, complex and chaotic that it is impossible to be described by the concepts of human society, such as "love", "goodness", "freedom", "fairness", and so on. We can only see one direction -- from matter, to life, to intelligence, to group intelligence, and the key things in the universe contain more and more dynamic order, and their levels are getting higher and higher.

The various core concepts in human society are only applicable to intelligent society, and intelligent society is the highest level things of dynamic order, when our thinking extends to the lower level things of dynamic order, the meaning of these concepts will naturally vanish. For example, there is no concept of "love" for cells and atoms. Only concepts with mathematical significance such as dynamic order and information (entropy) can be extended to the lower levels.

Basic Principles

Dorderism is a future-oriented value system, but the future is so elusive, so we need to have some basic principles for thinking about the future:

The future is impossible to be accurately predicted.

The main reasons are:

  • For such a huge complex system of human society, its complexity can not be simplified by mathematical means, which means that for the development process of human society, we can not use mathematical means to simplify the calculation and get the development results quickly, only after its complete running can we know its final result.

  • The dynamic order of the whole world is integrated, so in the long term, most social problems will be affected by the whole world. This leads to the prediction of these problems require almost the whole world's information, and immense computing power. And no intelligent creature or computing device can get all the information of the world, nor can they have the ability to process all the information.

  • It is also not feasible to accurately predict the future through key information. The Uncertainty Principle makes it impossible for us to accurately get the information of the world. And there is the Butterfly Effect, that is, the small changes in the initial conditions of a dynamic complex system can lead to long-term huge changes of the whole system. If we measure a part of the critical state of the world at a certain time, then the measurement bias of the initial state will be amplified during the prediction process, which makes it impossible for us to predict the future accurately.

So for many reasons, it is impossible for any intelligent creature to predict long-term problems accurately.

Human social development does not have the only ultimate answer.

About the future, is there a certain optimal social state? The answer is NO. Even if there is an optimal social state in the mathematical sense, we cannot prove it. The optimal social state cannot be proved by accurate mathematical calculations, nor can it be predicted. Therefore, it is impossible for us to find an ultimate optimal social state, and there are an infinite number of social states that are close to optimal. We don't need to think about what is the best future for this world, there will be many "the best future".

Not tangled in details, leaving details to the future.

The probability of success in predicting details is very low. And the prediction of details has little meaning for our current thinking and behavior.

In addition, as mentioned before, the optimal social states are countless, and we can experience many optimal social states, so there is little meaning to discuss the details of one of them. And in the future, humans may also live in virtual worlds, and the details of countless virtual worlds are simply unpredictable.

Recognize the limitations of physical laws and natural resources.

Understanding the main limitations of future social development can help us to avoid unrealistic illusions. The main limitations are:

  • The speed of information transmission cannot exceed the speed of light. (The Limits of Information Transmission)
  • Natural resources are limited, such as energy, natural elements and so on.
  • The universe information we can receive is limited.

In fact, there are other restrictions, such as the limited time for our universe to be suitable for life, but this restriction is very far from now, so there is no need to consider it.

These limitations tell us, that the development of human society has an upper limit, which depends mainly on the natural conditions and resources of the universe environment in which it is located. Our world will not continue to develop forever, and in the long run, the rising period of human society is short, in the remaining long time, our goal will be to maintain social operation and increase the dynamic order accumulation. For the present human society, we need to maintain sustainable development.

These limitations have a deeper implication: For human beings, the universe is finite. The universe itself may be finite, or may be infinite, and there may be innumerable other universes. However, the speed of information transmission is limited; material, energy and other resources are limited; and even the time in which our universe is suitable for life is limited. Even if it is truly infinite, it is still finite to us. However, the dynamic order accumulation is a mathematical goal. We are in the finite universe, but pursuing mathematically infinite goal. This is a contradiction of "finite vs infinite".

Fully exercise the free will of human beings.

The contradiction of "finite vs infinite" gives us an enlightenment, that we do not have to excessively pursue certain extreme states or some optimal results in the process of social development. We can neither determine the ultimate optimal social state, nor achieve all the best social states. The ultimate development speed will not bring any essential difference. Under the premise of right direction, we may as well develop the human society in the way and tempo we want, and fully exercise our free will.

The free will of human beings is not stable, but it derives from humanity. Therefore, the development of human society should conform to humanity. From a higher perspective, the pursuit of dynamic order is a general direction, and there are countless social development paths, so every intelligent society has its own unique development path. For human society, the uniqueness of the development path mainly derived from humanity, because rational behaviors are similar, humanity is our unique feature. It can be said, that this is the path effect of humanity in the development of human society.

Finally, we must emphasize that the free will here is the sum of the free wills of all human beings, not just the free will of one or a group of people. The future of human society should be determined by all human beings, the direction of social progress should be the joint result of the humanity of all human beings.

Assume that all theoretically solvable scientific and technical problems will be solved.

In the future, with the development of technologies such as artificial general intelligence and human intelligence enhancement, the human science and technology will be developed to the extreme.

When we thinking about social reforms, we can't be limited by the current level of science and technology. The development of science and technology is often faster than the speed of social reform. If our thinking is limited by current science and technology, then perhaps that social reforms have not yet been completed, new technologies have already made the reforms obsolete.