What will the future look like?

Human society is a super complex system, and its operation results can't be accurately predicted. And there will be countless virtual worlds in the future, it can be said that the future has countless appearances, which makes the details of the future unpredictable. We can only try to cultivate a better social environment, and then expect to get the best possible results in the future.

But from the perspective of dynamic order, the future is actually clear enough:

  • From macro perspective, the whole human society will have better basic order, and more intelligent, more free intelligent creatures, and more and more extensive things will be incorporated into the dynamic order of human society.
  • From micro perspective, things in human society will interact more quickly and more dynamically, and the internal state of things will change more quickly and more dynamically.
  • From the perspective of time, the world will not stay in a certain optimal state, but will continue to change and continue to produce new dynamic order, the Dynamic Order Accumulation will continue to increase.

Therefore, we don't need to over-mystify the future. As long as we choose the right perspective, there will be no essential changes in the future.

On the other hand, the future will inevitably have many significant problems, and even threaten the existence of our human beings, we must handle them carefully.

In short, the future world will become heaven, but it is only one step away from hell. Therefore, we should look at the future with a simpler mindset: There is a general direction for the development of the universe, and let us move forward in this direction. Everyone strives to do their own work well, faces the future calmly, and leaves the rest to the common destiny of all human beings.

Regardless of the ultimate destiny of human beings, I believe that the future will be a fantastic scene. It is an honor to be a member of human beings, and join you in welcoming this wonderful future.