As discussed in Dynamic Order Comparison, life is precious. The dynamic order contained in life far exceeds that of ordinary things, so the maintenance of life is usually beneficial for maintaining the dynamic order of the whole world.

The value of human life is even greater, because human life is the foundation of intelligence. Moreover, the value of human is not only reflected in each person's own dynamic order, but also includes each person's contribution to the overall dynamic order of human society.

Natural Creature

The vast majority of natural creatures are based on DNA, just like human. And all kinds of advanced animals have a lot of same or similar genes with human. For example, cattle and human beings have about 80% genetic similarity. Therefore, we are quite consistent with the underlying dynamic order of natural creatures. To respect their lives is to respect our own dynamic order.

At present, a big problem in human society is the cruelty and slaughter of animals. Although the utilization of animal bodies does contribute to social progress to some extent, but in the future, with the improvement of social productivity and the progress of science and technology, we must replace animals with other things as productive resources. For example, in the long run, we should replace animal foods with synthetic foods and plant foods.


Each biological species contains a large number of unique dynamic order, and a large number of species living together can form a biosphere with higher level dynamic order. On the premise that natural resources are sufficient to support the entire ecosystem, the more species the better.

Therefore, the genocide of living creatures is a great destruction to dynamic order, which is the greatest sin that we human beings have done so far. We need to protect endangered species and prevent species invasion.

Eternal Life

In the future, all solvable technical problems will be solved, so prolonging human life is an inevitable trend.

When human life is greatly increased in the future, it can be foreseen that this will inevitably lead to social unrest, because the existing social structure is not suitable for long human life. "Everyone will die," is the ultimate social equity, which has largely maintained the smooth running of human society. In the early days of the application of anti-aging technology, only the elites can afford its cost, which is a serious social inequality.

Therefore, we must strive to promote social equality, establish good social welfare, so that to minimize the impact of anti-aging technology on society.

The Meaning of Death

There is an idea that human beings should not pursue eternal life, but should face death. So is death the inevitable destination for everyone?

The first thing to emphasize is that human beings does not have natural rights and obligations in Dorderism, all rights and obligations should be good for generating dynamic order, so human beings have no obligation to die.

Why natural organisms age and die? For a species, if it does not evolve the "ability" of death, it will be difficult to maintain the evolutionary speed, and it is difficult to avoid the fate of extinction caused by the great changes in environment. Death, is the inevitable result of natural evolution.

Assume that there are two similar creatures. The life of the first species is very short, and its individual will die soon after the reproduction, and the other species has a long life. As a result, the short-lived species evolves faster, and more adaptable to environmental changes; and for the long-lived species, the total number of individuals is limited due to natural resource constraints, but its new individuals are less likely to compete with adult individuals, so its evolutionary process is slow, then when they encounter dramatic environmental changes, they are more likely to become extinct.

Therefore, death, like intelligence, is the trait that biological species produce in order to adapt to environmental changes faster. It's just for faster speed, don't complicate it. (Speed)

From a religious point of view, God has no reason to care about the life of human beings.

From a scientific point of view, live or die is not important, the ability of evolution to adapt to environmental changes is the key. If humans can evolve through scientific and technological means, it is not necessary to adopt the way of death.

From the perspective of pursuing dynamic order, death is the disintegration of dynamic order. And not only the dynamic order of the people themselves has collapsed, but also the connections between people and society have collapsed, so we should pursue the longest possible life.

Even if human beings really realized eternal life, it's just another step on the way of evolution. Maybe when we have the ability to roam in the universe, we will find that this is the normal form of advanced civilizations. In addition, everything in our universe will eventually dissipate in the future, therefore, to be precise, we can't live forever, we will just live for a long time.