Since the speed of information transmission cannot exceed the speed of light, the future human society in the solar system will still be centered on the earth, and human society needs to integrate with the nature harmoniously in order to develop sustainably.

And life emerges from nature, the existing and evolution of life also depend on the natural environment. Natural environment also provides a backup system for our world. Assuming that humans are completely extinct for some reasons, if the earth maintains good natural environment and diverse species, it will be easier to re-evolve advanced intelligent creatures, and emerge advanced civilization again.

Therefore, we must protect natural environment and natural creatures. In the long run, we should also strive to change people's pursuit of life, from the pursuit of economic interests, to the pursuit of the dynamic order of the whole world, so that people can fundamentally value the natural environment.


Saving is an effective way to protect nature. In daily life, people should avoid waste, especially for the limited natural resources and things that consume natural resources, we should use them more economically.

In addition to ordinary commodities, land and other resources also need to be saved. For example, urbanization makes more efficient use of land resources, improves ecological efficiency, and reduces the environmental cost of human social development. In the future, we should also consider returning some areas to natural creatures.

The consumption of natural resources in virtual worlds is much lower than in the real world. As virtual worlds become more and more popular, the problem of waste of resources in human society will be improved.

Human Public Domain

The Human Public Domain refers to all fields that currently do not belong to any country, including the high seas, the Arctic, the Antarctic, and all space outside the Earth.

In the progress of development, human society has continuously extended dynamic order to a wider range of areas. In the future, all of the human public domain will be incorporated into the dynamic order of the whole society, so the sovereignty of human public domain must be determined as soon as possible.

Identify the human public domain as public-owned by all human beings is almost the only choice, and it is the most fair, reasonable, and feasible plan. All countries should reach relevant international agreements as soon as possible, integrate the human public domain and its resources into the unified management of the United Nations, and distribute its benefits to all human beings. This has a lot of significance for human beings:

  • Based on this management system, a global environmental monitoring network can be established, and will help solve global issues such as global warming.
  • Prevent resources in the public domain from being encroached or over-consumption.
  • Prevent conflicts and hatred between countries, and avoid international disputes in the human public domain. If relevant agreements are not reached in time, some countries will inevitably try to seize control and resources in the public domain in the future. Once individual countries form space hegemony, dealing with conflicts and disputes will become more troublesome.
  • The benefits derived from the public domian and its resources can provide social welfare for all human beings, such as universal basic income, insurance and so on, and ensuring that all human beings can live in dignity.
  • It is an opportunity to establish a global unified currency, and form a more stable financial order.
  • It helps to solve the future social problems. Suppose that some people settle in the public domain, should they be allowed to establish their own country? Before clarifying the sovereignty of the human public domain, such questions are hard to answer.

Bringing the human public domain into the dynamic order of the whole human society is one of the most important problems in the current world. Especially for those countries that do not have the capacity to develop space, this problem should be solved as soon as possible.