Human freedom needs to be based on social resources. Before human society enters the modern world, the subsistence activities will take people a lot of time. For example, due to the lack of efficient cooker and cooking fuel, only cooking will cost housewives for several hours, and in some arid areas, people may need to spend several hours taking water in everyday. Therefore, without enough basic social resources, people will not have real freedom, their humanity and intelligence will not be effectively used, nor can they create dynamic order efficiently.

In future society where traditional work is limited, only a small number of people can earn income through traditional jobs. Our society must have good social welfare, so that everyone can have basic social resources and thus have freedom. We need to change our thinking: the welfare is not the charity of the government, but the society needs the humanity and intelligence of all people, it needs the people to engage in more free work, in order to create more dynamic order, so the society should provide good social welfare to the people.

Everyone also needs to realize that welfare is not just for consumption and enjoyment, but for people to improve themselves and engage in free work.

With good social welfare, we don't need to rely on administrative means such as minimum wage to protect vulnerable people. This helps to improve social efficiency.

Education can enhance people's intelligence, and the dynamic order of people's intelligence far exceeds that of material wealth. Therefore, education can effectively increase the dynamic order of the whole society and promote social progress. Therefore, society should provide good education welfare for all citizens.


Raising funds for social welfare is undoubtedly a complex and difficult problem. But at least we should understand that artificial intelligence technology will rapidly improve the productivity of human society, in the future the social productivity of most countries can support good social welfare, even include Universal Basic Income. In addition, the benefits of Human Public Domain can also be used for social welfare of all countries.

The real difficulty lies in how to ensure that the social wealth is allocated rationally, and confirming that the human public domain is owned by all humans. Therefore, we must form consensuses as soon as possible, and then push the society to carry out relevant reforms.