Why there are so many grammatical errors?

My native language is Chinese, so my English is not very good. The reason why I don't use professional translation service is because I constantly refine the content.

I sincerely apologize for various grammatical errors in the content, and hope that these errors will not influence your understanding of the content.

Why are there no references or notes?

Dorderism is a very simplified value system, which only relies on the common sense of science and technology and everyday life. It is not a traditional academic research, but for ordinary people, so its content is simple and easy to understand, and it is limited to a limited socpe, the scientific knowledge it uses is simple and basic, to ensure its reading levels accommodate a wide range of literacy. If there are mistakes in its content, it should be mainly my own problem, and there will be no controversy about the scientific knowledge it uses.

In addition, academic literatures will cause psychological pressure on ordinary people, and then affect their reading and learning effects, and this is what I try hard to avoid.

Therefore, there are no references to academic literatures.

How does Dorderism see religions?

Dorderism does not contradict traditional religions. Dorderism only considers the problems inside the universe, and God is obviously beyond our universe.

How to give feedback to Dorderism?

If you have any ideas or suggestions, it is recommended that you go to quora, zhihu and other Q & A sites, create questions or topics, and I will often go to these sites to search for new content about Dorderism. This also helps to get more people to participate in the discussion.

Whether to allow reprint content?

As the content of this book will continue to change, and the Internet "never forgets", If the reprinted content is not updated in time, there will be many inconsistent versions on the Internet, so please don't reprint the entire content or the entire chapter.

However, you are welcome to quote at the paragraph level, just add the link to the original page, so that readers can find the latest content.